Chess Imbalances – The Silman Thinking Technique

In How to Reassess your Chess Jeffery Silman describes how to create a plan in the middle game based on his set of chess imbalances. The list of imbalances includes:

Chess Imbalances

1) Superior minor piece
2) pawn structure
3) space
4) material
5) control of key file or square
6) lead in development
7) initiative

Silman goes on to describe his ‘Thinking Technique‘ which is based on his concept of imbalances in chess. In a nutshell the thinking technique consists of:

Silman Thinking Technique

1) Determine your position based on positive or negative chess imbalances

2) Determine the side of the board to play on

3) Dream up fantasy positions

4) Try to acheive fantasy position, if not dream up another one

5) Look at candidate moves. candidate moves are all moves that lead to fantasy position.


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