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In my quest for chess improvement, I have stumbled upon Markgravitygood’s excellent chess improvement blog. I recommend that you checkout his post on the generic training schedule, which is based on an article by chess trainer GM Irina Mikhailova on chessOk.

Mark’s post is exactly what I was looking for when I wrote my post on ‘My Chess Education’. I was so impressed by this training schedule, that I am going adopt it as part of my chess study routine.

Since I only have at most 2 hours per day to dedicate to chess, here is my adaptation of the schedule. If I cannot complete the daily curriculum,any topic not covered will be tackled on the next day:

Day 1

  • Study openings (1hr)
  • Solve tactics (30m)
  • Solve strategy (30m)

Day 2

  • Solve endings (1h)
  • Play (30m ) either 1 G/15 or 2 G/6
  • Solve tactics (30m)

Day 3

  • Study strategy (30m)
  • Solve strategy (30m)
  • Play (30m) either 1 G/15 or 2 G/6
  • Solve tactics (30m)

Day 4

  • Study openings (1h)
  • Solve endings (30m)
  • Solve tactics (30m)

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