Educational Chess Games

It is common knowledge, that in order to improve your chess game you should go over annotated master games. To get the most out of this exercise, the master games that we go over should should contain memorable patterns and/or combinations that we can later recall and apply in our own real game situations.

I am beginning to compile a list of educational games, and I would love to hear your recommendations. Leave a comment with the participants, year, venue and the lesson it is teaching, and in a future post I will make a PGN available for download which includes all these games.

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5 thoughts on “Educational Chess Games

  1. Ryyj says:

    I think that the games of Tarrasch have great edacational potencial , Watson say that they are the best for the improving players, I actually go for one game at day of “300 games of chess” and I was want to send to the trash all my books exept this one

  2. Candinsky Fellows says:

    I would like to congratulate you on the idea. I am convinced that it is extremely important . I would suggest the games of Capablanca and Dr. Lasker, which are full of
    brilliances and sutleties and on account of that can really impress and stimulate beguinners all over the world.

    Best whishes

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