Annotated Game: Indiana-Jones – Chessbuzz

Indiana-Jones versus Chessbuzz is another game where I take a beating from a GM on ICC. I think I’m getting a lot out these games, as I learn how GM’s take advantage of the smallest advantage and eventually dismantle the weaker player. I think the most educational part is annotating the game afterwards.

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5 thoughts on “Annotated Game: Indiana-Jones – Chessbuzz

  1. So, who was the grandmaster? And with what timecontrol did you play him? I also played a few GM’s on ICC (when taking advantage of a trial period) myself namely, Yge Visser, Wang Hao, Igor Alexandre Nataf and WGM Ekaterina Korbut. Got my butt kicked in every game. Not that i was expecting to win… And certainly not with the timecontrols used. Except for the game against Visser, which was G/10, they all were G/3.

  2. beginchess says:

    It was a G 45/45 simul with Ronen Har-Zvi. He was playing 30 boards, and he won them all…he has a legendary simul record on ICC. I also play Martica Fierro on Sundays at 7PM, and that time control is G/30 30. These fit the bill of playing longer games with higher rated opponents (maybe too high).

  3. That must have been fun! I’m still able to find plenty of untitled players who can thrash me, but some day I hope to play someone with an international title and give them an interesting game. 🙂

  4. Hey everyone. I am rated about 1750 USCF and in August I plan to play up in the open section of a weekend tournament where I will be playing all +2200 opponents. I think it will be a valuable learning experience to play against such strong opposition, even if you lose a majority of the games. Going over your games with stronger players is the best way to learn!

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