Educational Chess Games Part II

I haven’t given up on compiling the list of educational games, but it was more difficult than I first thought. I have come up with a list of approximately 150 games from different sources, and I have narrowed it down to the 50 you see here. I tried to keep at least one version of each theme, but I wanted to keep the number of games manageable.

Below are the games so far, if you don’t see one that you think might be of educational value, please feel free to leave a comment.

PaulsenMorphyNew York1857Attack:Queen Sacrifice
Morphy Meek 1857Open Lines
RosenthalSteinitzVienna1873Bishop Pair
PorgesLaskerNuremberg1896Threatening Moves
MarshallCapablancaNew York1909Pawn Roller
TarraschVogelNuremberg1910Strong Knights
RubinsteinSchlechterSan Sebastian1912Centralization
NimzowichLaskerSt. Petersburg1914Defense
LaskerTarraschSt. Petersburg1914IQP
CapablancaLaskerHavana1921Minority Attack
AlekhineYatesLondon1922Outposts / Dark Square Control
RetiBorovskiLondon1922Positional Sacrifice
CapablancaTartakowerNew York1924Rook & Pawn Endgame
TarraschAlekhineBaden Baden1925Centralization
AlekhineCapablancaNew York1927Knight Outposts
RubinsteinNimzowichBerlin1928Bishop Pair in closed position
CapablancaYatesNew York1929Weak Color Complex
MattisonNimzowichCarlsbad1929Weak Squares, Outposts, Weak Pawns
BotvinnikFlohrMoscow1936Bishop versus Knight
BotvinnikReshevskyAVRO1938Bishop Pair in open position
EuweFlohrAmsterdam1939Weak Squares 
SmyslovRudakovskyMoscow1945Knight Outposts
BondarevskySmyslovMoscow1946Bishop Pair
BotvinnikVidmarGroningen1946Exchange Sacrifice
SmyslovKeres 1948Minority Attack
BotvinnikBronsteinWorld Ch.1951Bishop Pair, IQP
NajdorfStahlbergZurich1953Bishop versus Knight
EuweNajdorfZurich1953Passed Pawns
TaimanovEuweZurich1953Strong Knights
TaimanovNajdorfZurich1953Weak Color Complex
GlicoricKeresZurich1953Weak Pawns
TalLisitsin 1956Active King
TalSimagin 1956Initiative
BoleslavskyLissitzinMoscow1956Knight Outposts
Tal Bronstein 1956Overprotection
FischerH. BerlinerNew York1960Passed Pawns
PetrosiansmyslovMoscow1961Destructive Sacrifice
PetrosianPachmanBled1961Two Weaknesses
KasparovKarpovNew York  / Lyons g201990Attack
KasparovShirovHorgen 1994Weak Color Complex

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