Training Notebook 08.16.2007


Play Standard Game

Played and analyzed my G/60 ICC ST Tourney game


Study Strategy
Reviewed through page 24 of Chess Strategy for Kids don’t mind the title…the book is highly recommended by Dan Heisman, and it ensures that you have all your chess fundamentals in place.

Key Points

Everything in chess can be explained in terms of three basic ideas:

  • Material
  • Safety
  • Freedom

Based on those ideas when selecting candidate moves 5 good questions to ask are:

  1. Who is ahead in material?
  2. Is either King unsafe?
  3. Who has more freedom?
  4. What would you play if it was your opponent’s turn?
  5. What do you play that takes advantage of the three keys to strategy?

Solve Endings

Did Endgame module 1 of Personal Chess Trainer’s endgame module (40 exercises). I had not planned on using PCT, but it has a good amount of endgame puzzles, and it uses pattern recognition as a teaching tool which is a positive.

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3 thoughts on “Training Notebook 08.16.2007

  1. likesforests says:

    I have some questions about your game. Perhaps they are good, perhaps not, but either way one of us learns something. Why 6…a6? White is ahead in central control and development, so it seems like you should be using your tempi to develop pieces. An immediate Be7 prevent Bb5 just as well. And I don’t even see Bb5 as worrying because you can reply Be7 Bxd7 Nbxd7, trading off your bad bishop. 17…Nd4?! I would take the pawn (17…Qxb2) and then simplify because a two-pawn lead is usually winning. This is an example of endgame study informing middlegame play. 20.Rhd1! Drat, I hate it when that happens. 23…Bxa2! Sweet. Back in the game, sort of. 33…g6?? Ouch, a mate-in-four. That’s an area I’ve had problems with lately, too.

  2. likesforests says:

    I looked again, and you know what, 6…a6? is what lost you the game! Ok, I’m being a little silly, but if you imagine the position after 20.Rhd1 with both light-squared bishops gone, you’re in the lead.

  3. Deathridesahorse says:

    What do you play that takes advantage of the three keys to strategy?

    What are the three keys to strategy? (Were they material/safety/freedom?)

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