What a Chess Player Should Know

I need help in trying to compile which attributes chess players need in order to master an existing class level (from Class E to Expert+)based on their rating.

For example Irina Mikhailova has cataloged these attributes and states that a player rated ~2100 should know the following:

At this stage a chess player must have a successfully tested opening repertoire which includes 2 openings as White and 2 openings with the black pieces. The chess player must master tactics (60-70 per cent of a success rate solving problems of an intermediate difficulty), acquire a firm knowledge of the basics of chess strategy, ie. How a position’s evaluation is developed and what are its components, familiarize with about 15-25 common plans from the chess classic examples, know typical chess endings: evaluation, plan of play and standard tactical methods for approximately 250 endgame positions. It is necessary to acquire the skills of working with a computer and with chess software.

Knowing what knowledge is critical at each class level, can help improving chess players focus on those elements of chess knowledge that will bring the most benefit.

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One thought on “What a Chess Player Should Know

  1. The world’s not so cookie-cutter that all the 1500 players lack a certain bit of knowledge. Probably the best way to learn how to take your game to the next level is to spend some time analyzing your own games–that’s why so many people recommend it, and why some coaches demand it even before they’ll teach you. Dan Heisman further recommends that you base your analysis on slow games where you aren’t going to cop out and say, “I just ran out of time.”

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