Detailed Chess Training Schedule

Building upon the generic training schedule the detailed chess training schedule includes information on the topics and materials to be covered during my chess training sessions. This list is customized for me, but I am including it as an example for others to build upon as well as for my own reference.

Monday July 13th
Study Endings using Silman’s Endgame Course (1hr)
Solve tactics on (30min)

Tuesday July 14th
Study Strategy from My System (1hr)
Solve endings using Chess Tempo (30min)

Wednesday July 15th
Play G/30 Game
Annotate game

Thursday July 16th
Solve strategy using content from Chess Master Schools (1hr)
Solve tactics on (30min)

Friday July 17th
Study openings (Nimzo-Indian) (1hr)
Solve endings using Chess Tempo (30min)

Saturday July 18th
Play G/30 Game
Annotate game

Sunday July 19th
Catch-up day

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2 thoughts on “Detailed Chess Training Schedule

  1. Interesting! That sticky thing called Life has put me on a sparse chess diet. I am more or less restricted to 30 minutes of chess per day.

    How do you like the Chess Master School?

  2. beginchess says:

    I like it a lot. Unfortunately, I have only been able to complete month 1 even though I have been a member for 2 1/2 months. It has a lot of unique content I have not seen elsewhere. I am also trying out the 7 day trial of It is video centric, and so far so good but chessmaster school has lots more content.

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