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I am working on creating a Chessbase notebook (more on this in a much future post), and I am working out a way to effectively categorize my chess content. Below is a draft of the taxonomy I plan on using. For example pins would be categorized as Middlegame – Tactics – Pins, whereas King and pawn endgame content would be categorized as Endgame – Theory – K+P.


e4- opening name
d4 – opening name


Tactics – Pin
Tactics – Backrank weakness
Tactics – Decoy
Tactics – Deflection
Tactics – Double Attack
Tactics – Exposed King
Tactics – Fork
Tactics – In-Between Move
Tactics – Interference
Tactics – Clearence
Tactics – Mating Patterns
Tactics – Overworked Piece
Tactics – LPDO
Tactics – Promotion
Tactics – Skewer
Strategy – BishopPair
Strategy – Good vs. Bad Bishop
Strategy – Bishop vs. Knight
Strategy – Open Lines and Diagonals
Strategy – Central Control
Strategy – Closed Positions
Strategy – Space
Strategy – Activity
Strategy – Isolated Pawns
Strategy – Backward Pawns
Strategy – Doubled Pawns
Strategy – Pawn Chains
Strategy – Passed Pawns
Strategy – Minory Attack
Strategy – Weak Color Complex
Strategy – Weak Squares
Strategy – Outposts
Strategy – Positional Sacrifice
Strategy – Harmony of the Pieces
Strategy – Development


Theory (Mueller / Fine type content)

Theory – Lucena Position
Theory – Philidor Position
Theory – Shouldering
Theory – Opposition
Theory – Triangulation
Theory – K+P
Theory – R+P
Theory – RvR
Theory – Double Rook
Theory – Queen
Theory – Minor Piece  
Theory – Fortresses
Theory – BvN
Theory – Bishops of Same Color
Theory – Opposite Color Bishops

Practice (Shereshevsky type content)
Practice – King Centralization
Practice –  Principle of Two Weaknesses
Practice – Do Not Rush
Practice – Passed Pawns
Practice – Schematic Thinking
Practice – Exchanges
Practice – Fight for the Initative
Practice – Prophalaxis
Practice – Bishop Pair
Practice – Zugzwang
Practice – Fortresses
Practice – Converting and Advantage

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