Evaluating Tactics

I have started to evaluate tactical positions a bit differently than quiet strategic ones. For this purpose, I am using a tactical checklist, which is based on Heisman’s seeds of tactical destruction. I assessed the position in the using the checklist, and my evaluation is below. You can download a copy of the check list here.

igc23_bWhite to move

 The King and black rook are on the same diagonal. The only piece preventing the Queen fork is the Bishop, so if the Bishop could be attacked, the fork would work. 1.Rf3 is the logical candidate. After 1.Rf3 the black rook could move to safety, where it would not be victim to the fork…but after further analysis the rook has no safe squares to go where he would be free from the fork. The next option for Black is to defend the bishop with the Queen, but again the Queen has no squares which are not attacked by either the White knight or the White d5 pawn. 1.Rf3  1…Qb7 2.Rxf6 Qb5 3.Qc3 Qf1+ 4.Kg3 Qg1+ 5.Kh4 1-0

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