Chess Training Notebook 12.21.09

This is the first week where I trained using the Extreme Chess Training (ECT) program. I am still beta testing it and I should have more information available the first week of January.

Monday – Performed 45 minutes of standard tactics at

Tuesday – Played an ICC standard game and reviewed it afterwards.

Wednesday – Did 1hr of speed tactics, using Bain’s Chess Tactics for Students.

Thursday – Played standard game on FICS.

Friday – Performed core tactics for 1 hour. Focused on key positions from Chess Training Pocketbook

Saturday – Performed Stoyko Tactics from positions in Imagination in Chess.

Sunday – 20 minutes of chess trainer practice at Played over Alekhine – Duras 1913 on

 The program calls for more of the same on the week of 12/28/09.

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