Chess Training Notebook Week of 12/28/09

First entry of the new year, and it is time to review my Chess goals and resolutions. So far, I’m happy with my progress, and the new training program I am following is finally giving me guidance and improvement.

This week was the 2nd and final week of the first cycle of Phase I of the Extreme Chess Training Program which I began on 12/21/09.  Next week I start on Phase II, which focuses on the endgame. I am going to use the end of 1 full cycle of ECT, which is 45 days to play a tournament and do a progress report. I will also post more information on the program upon my completion of my first 45 day cycle.

Monday 12/28 – Chess Trainer at Increased standard rating from 1717 to 1725 1hr and 81% accuracy which is much higher than my 57% average.

Tuesday 12/29  – Played rated game on FICS & reviewed game afterwards.

Wednesday 12/30  – 2 Stoyko Tactics puzzles from Imagination in Chess using Tactics Checklist . Spent 39 minutes on 1 puzzle! Total training time was 1hr.

Thursday 12/31  – New years eve, sneaked in 15 minutes of unrated tactics at

Friday 1/1  – Did Speed Tactics from Bain’s Tactics for Students.  Exercises 93 through 197 with 95% accurracy.  Also, to makeup for Thursday I played a standard game against Fritz 5.32 1 ply (Playing against engine due to Internet issues).

Saturday 1/2  – Core Tactics from Chess Training Pocket Book. 76% accurracy.

Sunday 1/3  – Open day – Solved Step 3 tests of Step Method scoring 80%, 70% and 72%. Also did 20 minutes of  Tactics Trainer using chesstempo improved rating slightly from 1725 to 1727. Total training time 1 hr.

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3 thoughts on “Chess Training Notebook Week of 12/28/09

  1. Markku Siipola says:

    I have your blog as a permanent bookmark, and I’m visiting your page regualary.

    But I’m slight confused why you and others publish your personal training log. I can’t see the value of this for others. Please don’t take offense. I’m just curious.

  2. beginchess says:

    @Markku Thanks for visiting. This blog is as much a training tool for me as it is a resource for others, and I use it as a way of measuring my progress which is what my training log is about. While many will find my training log useless, I am sure a few might find it useful.

  3. Anon says:

    Yes, I actually find it useful. It shows me the approach of someone else which I find interesting and possibly gives me ideas for my own approach.

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