From Disappointment Comes Change

I haven’t posted for several months, because I have not been happy with my chess improvement.  I have taken these past few months to review my training program and to try to figure out the missing piece of my chess improvement puzzle. I am not any closer to coming up with an answer than I was back in December, but I think that this time of reflection will lead to improvement in the long run. When I achieve measurable improvement, I will post on what changes have made a difference

UPDATE — 3/4/2011
I have been following my new training program for 1 month, and I am tracking my progress via my standard FICS rating and my tactical trainer rating. After 31 days, I have gained 23 standard rating points and 26 tactical training points. I continue to take detailed daily notes, and I have had many ideas to improve the training regimen as I go. I figure that in a few more weeks I will be happy enough with the program to post a few more details.

UPDATE — 2/20/2011

I am in the 3rd week of a new training program , I am working it out as I go, but I am happy with the short term results. I am keeping detailed personal notes on what I am doing, as well as tracking my standard rating on FICS to validate the program.  I am trying to synthesize all of the  things I have learned about chess improvement in the last few years. Because I don’t have to edit the content of the training log, I find that I am writing more frequently than if I would be posting on the blog.

I don’t plan on updating beginchess much in the next few week / months, but I will add periodic updates under this post, and an occassional blog post.

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