Improving Analysis Skills

According to Dan Heisman in his great article Bootstrapping Analysis Skills

The following are what make you a good analyst:

  • Will to analyze the position correctly, move after move.
  • Patience to analyze the position thoroughly (but keep in mind the
    clock – see “g”).
  • Analytical thought process to know what steps to take.
  • Board vision to see what is happening (statically) across the entire
    board quickly and accurately.
  • Tactical pattern recognition – the ability to quickly and accurately
    recognize and assess basic safety issues.
  • Visualization to keep the imagined patterns correctly in the mind’s
    eye when looking ahead.
  • Micro time management determines the length of thinking time to
    take before one settles for a “best so far” move, assuming the
    “best” move is not found by then.
  • Deductive logic to see which moves are candidates, and what is
    forced and what is not.
  • Quiescence recognition to know when to stop analyzing lines and
  • Awareness of danger/criticality assessment, plus the recognition of
    The Seeds of Tactical Destruction.

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