Training Status Update

Tactics, Tactics and More Tactics

My training for the past 2 months has consisted of doing tactics puzzles on Chess Tempo and working on my thought process. I spend an average of 30 mintues per day doing standard puzzles focusing on quality not quantity (yet).  At the end of the week I create a problem set with the five tactical themes that are giving me the most trouble, and I spend an additional 10-15 minutes per day solving these ‘problem’ puzzles.

Thought Process in Chess

I have also spent a considerable amount of time working on my chess thought process. First, I created a thought process checklist that is compatible with my playing style and way of thinking, subsequently, I have been trying to incorporate it during long games and training positions (this is the hardest part for me).  I feel this has helped my game a bit just by making me more conscious of threats (I’ll expand further in a future post).

Moving Forward

Here are my goals for the next month:

1. Continue with my chess tactics study regimen, perhaps increase the number of puzzles done per day.

2. Continue practicing my thought process by playing slow games, and during training positions.

3. Play more.

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One thought on “Training Status Update

  1. Petr says:

    I just registered to Chess Tempo (thanks to this article :)). It is a great service for chess tactical puzzles. I like it 😉 Thank you for mentioning it here!

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