Chess Goals – Progress Report – Feb 2010

This is my first progress report on the chess goals and resolutions I made back on December 21st.  While I haven’t had the time or inclination to update my blog, I have been active in my training averaging  one hour per day of training. During the last two months, I have continously tweaked my training schedule as well as the resources I use for training. I hope to have settled on a schedule and resource list in a few more weeks, and when I do I’ll post about it here. In the meantime, you can view it by visiting my shared Google Calendar. Overall I am happy with my results, but I need to play in a rated USCF tournament so I can gauge my progress using my USCF rating.

  • USCF rating to 1400 – haven’t played any rated tournament games since 9/2009.
  • Chesstempo standard rating to 1850. Currently at 1769 (started at 1700 +69)
  • ICC standard rating to 1825 currently. Currently at 1777 started at 1750 (+27)
  • 4 tournaments in 12 months – so far I have not played any tournaments but I am planning on playing on 2/28/2010.
  • Play 2 standard games / week. I have been doing this religiously plus I sprinkle 2-3 long games at work. I have noticed that my blitz play has deteriorated, but I’ll worry about this some other time.
  • 6 training sessions – I haven’t had any, and I will probably cut this back to 4 in 1 year…due to budget and time constraints.

Short Term Goals

  • Dedicate 1 hr / day to chess  Spending an average of 1 1/2 hours per day dedicated to chess study and play – Grade A+
  • Review standard games  Giving myself a B- because while I am reviewing my games I could be doing a better job.  I need to analyze the game away from my computer, because having the engine available is to much of a temptation. – Grade B-
  • OTB before the end of February – targeting 2/28/10 – Grade Incomplete
  • Increase chesstempo standard rating to 1750. Currently at 1769, so I met my short term goal and I am on track to meet my long term goal of 1850  – Grade A+

New short term goals

  • Play OTB rated game by 4/2010
  • Increase chesstempo standard rating to 1800 by 4/2010
  • Increase ICC standard rating to 1775 by 4/2010
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