How to play chess

Playing chess is based on putting a series of moves together. At its most basic it revolves around a thought process that takes into account our move and our opponent’s response.  We must always keep in mind not only our plans and ideas, but also our opponent’s plans and ideas. Based on this concept, below is a categorization of moves and responses.

A move can be:

a) attacking
b) defensive
c) neutral
d) a mistake

Based on the above, we can establish the following move response pattern:

Attacking move:
Response (generally): defensive.

Defensive move:
Response: attacking (or preparation of an attack).

Neutral move:
Response: attacking (or preparation of an attack).

Move is a mistake:
Response: Take advantage of mistake.

Source: Tratado General de Ajedrez I. Rudimentos by Roberto Grau pg. 40

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