The New Begin(ning) Chess

This post marks a new beginning for this blog. After a long hiatus from blogging and chess, I return reinvigorated and refreshed.

The new purpose of this blog is exploring how adults learn (chess). It has become obvious to me after four years of my chess journey, that the adult learning experience is clumsy, slow and inefficient. This flaw in the way adults learn is at the root of why it takes us so long to improve and why we reach frequent and lengthy plateaus.

While the blog will continue to focus on the “what” to learn, it will also address the “how” we learn aspects of learning chess. Perhaps by better understanding the learning process, we can better focus our time and energy and see true improvement as if we were eight years old again.

Stay tuned…

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5 thoughts on “The New Begin(ning) Chess

  1. Arunas Simonaitis says:

    they say it’s harder for an older person to achieve a lot in terms of rating. I wonder how true that is. One thing- there are fewer good tournaments. time controls are faster. I have been a USCF expert in the past. over 12 years as expert. I am striving to become master still. I am told i have the talent. i will let you know what becomes of it!:)

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