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Chess Strategy

chess strategy thought process

What is Chess Strategy? It is the creation of long term plans that will dictate your next several moves. In order to achieve these plans, you can argue that the chess player will resort to either positional, tactical or endgame devices. Aspect of chess playing concerned with evaluation of chess positions and setting of goals…

Chess Board Visualization Training

chess visualization training

Chess board visualization training is necessary in order to not miss tactics, to be able to see more combinations and to improve your chess level. Chess board visualization does not come naturally to all chess players and is something that needs to be worked on. Chess visualization is something that must be trained, and should…

The Chess Directory Project

Chess Directory Project

The Chess Directory project aims to consolidate all online chess related information into one place.  Currently the Chess Directory has 11 different chess related categories with 50 chess related sites already listed, and is growing quickly. Popular categories in the chess directory include: Online Chess Chess Engines Chess Blogs Online Chess Training If you have a chess…