How to Get Better at Chess

How to Get Better at Chess

Chess Tips on How to Get Better at Chess

1. Learn the basic checkmates

Learning the basic mates and focusing on basic tactics is the most productive use of your chess study time. Most games between beginners and intermediates are decided by
blunders or overlooked tactics.

2. Learn the basic endgames

After tactics the next best use of your time is in studying basic endgames such as king and queen and king and pawn. Your rating will increase because you will be able to draw lost games and win drawn ones.

3. Practice using a physical board

The act of using your hand eye coordination to move the pieces on a physical board allow concepts to be learned more easily.

4. Pick a good book and read it cover to cover

Many beginners have an extensive chess library, but have never finished one book. This leads to inefficient learning and knowledge gaps.

5. Play in tournaments against stronger opposition

Play one section up in at least every other tournament you join.


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