Best New Chess Books

Below is a list of  the best new chess books that have been published within the last year that would make a welcome addition to any chess player’s library.

Positional Decision Making in Chess 

Released in February 2016 Boris Gelfand’s Positional Decision Making in Chess shows examples from his games and those of his hero   Akiba Rubinstein presents his positional thought process during games.







The Power of Pawns

If you want to improve at chess, you must know the characteristics of typical pawn formations. Understanding the pawn structure is a key tool when you are evaluating a position on the board. One simple pawn move can ruin your position or win the game.Experienced chess teacher Grandmaster Jörg Hickl helps you to recognize the important characteristics of pawn structures in his book The Power of Pawns. Learn how you can and should develop your pieces, identify how you can improve your position and develop a plan of action.





Mastering Chess Middlegames

Translation of Grandmaster Alexander Panchenko (1953-2009) unique training methods.Mastering Chess Middlegames contains a collection of inspiring lessons on the most important middlegame topics: attack, defence, counterplay, realising the advantage, obstructing the plans of your opponent, the battle of the heavy pieces, and much more. In each chapter, Panchenko clearly identifies the various aspects of the topic, formulates easy-to-grasp rules, presents a large number of well-chosen examples and ends with a wealth of practical tests.


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